Attack of the 6 Ft Woman

…Coming in 2017!

Scarlette and S.E.N.

Scarlette is a S.E.N. (Special Education Needs) music teacher by day and a guitar-toting Radio 2 play-listed singer/songwriter by night. In early 2016 she performed in a series of traditional town and city venues and S.E.N. schools in the corresponding towns and cities during daylight hours to combine her two passions and demonstrate how wonderful things can happen when the two come together.

“This is a unique opportunity to work together with young people to produce something truly special. The young people we work with during these daytime sessions will go on a journey and it will be a privilege to share the journey with them.  When these young people are supported, allowed to have a go rather than being told “no” or “you can’t”, there’s no telling how far they can go.The sessions will be a School Of Rock taster and we will be recording the young people to create a nationwide Scarlette choir to go on my latest record.”

Scarlette was accompanied on the tour by Ed Goodale, a singer on the autistic spectrum, who has an EP out in Spring 2016.